when a dog is sitting in a car they probably don’t realize a person is making it go… they probably just think they’re riding a magic cushion


When the razor, pills, knife, etc. Seem to be whispering your name, know that I’m screaming yours at the top of my lungs because I love you and I don’t want you to harm yourself, ever.

Anonymous asked
How do I get Pikablue and Mewthree?


Great question.

The truth is….Pikablue and Mewthree cannot be found in any Pokemon game.

But there is somewhere they can be found - inside you.

There is a Pikablue and Mewthree inside us all. It is called self-confidence, and you don’t need a master ball to catch it. If you believe in yourself, there is not a single battle you can’t win.

And truly that is the greatest video game “cheat” of all.

Glad I could help.





You have got to be fucking kidding me

it’s so weird that i would go to jail if i killed this guy

i’m so angry

is this a joke